Times are tough, the economy is struggling and people are looking for ways to bring more money into the house. Families that previously maintained an extra car for convenience are now looking at those cars as a way to keep the bills paid for another month. Or perhaps you are just realizing that you will never drive that little sports car again because it kills your back. Whatever the reason for wanting to sell a car, there is a better way than dealing with the want ads.

The Reason doesn’t Matter Why you’re selling your car doesn’t matter. Whether you just need more money or are cleaning up and getting rid of items you don’t use is irrelevant. The bottom line is that you have a vehicle to sell and we are in the market of obtaining autos. The best part is that we will pay cash for cars and we pay cash on the barrelhead when we come to retrieve the vehicle.

All Conditions Accepted Of course the condition your car is in will impact the price we pay, but we do take cars that aren’t running. So if you are facing the fact that the GT sitting in your garage is never going to be restored and is only taking up valuable space, then selling it to us may be your best option.

The Problems with Want Ads There are several problems with want ads. For one thing, they’re time consuming. You have to place the ad, wait for the ad to run, wait for people to start calling and then wait to set up meeting times. That’s an awful lot of waiting when you can call our services and have the vehicle paid for and gone in a day or even less.

Trying to sell a car on your own is also frustrating. We make an offer on a car and you either like it or you don’t, there are no hard feelings and there’s no pressure. Try selling to John Q. Public and you could wind up with a guy who will want to spend the entire day haggling over a price. That’s just irritating as well as time consuming. Don’t waste your time listening to some stranger nit-pick over every little perceived flaw before coming to the point. We value our time as much as you value yours and our offers will be quick and accurate.

The biggest problem with selling a car on your own is that it simply isn’t safe, especially when you stop to consider the true logistics of it. Anyone who comes out to buy your car will probably want to test drive it. So how will you work that? Just hand them your keys and let them drive away, hoping they’ll return? Hop in the car with them for a quick spin around the block, hoping they aren’t some lunatic that will kidnap you? The fact is that when you sell a car, you need another person there with you when potential buyers come to look at the car. When they test drive, you need to ride with them and have a friend or family member follow you in their car. Even then it’s not the safest venture. Plus, you are not inconveniencing yourself plus another person in this venture to sell a car.

About Us: We are a company that pays cash for cars. We are a professional company offering our services throughout the country. Because you know exactly where to find us, we are safe to deal with. We’re easy to work with because we will handle all the associated paperwork and we are completely reputable. There is no hassle when dealing with us and we might even be able to pick up the car the same day if you are moving and need it gone fast. The next time you have a car that you need to sell, give us a call and see what we can do for you.