• Why Sell Your Car

    You already know why you want to sell your car. Maybe it's old, broken, or you just don't like the color. The real question is- why us? What can we do that makes selling your car, truck or SUV more convenient or just plain better?

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    Fast Quote – Fast Sale

    You can call us any day of the week, Sunday to Saturday at (800) 528-0014. After just a few questions we can give you a quote and set up an appointment. Your appointment may even be the same day or the day after.


    Less Paperwork

    All of our appraisers and representatives can help you through the paperwork. In fact, we will do most of it for you. Even if you aren’t sure that you have all the paperwork you need to begin, we are here to help.


    Use the Money for Whatever You Want

    When you go to sell a car yourself it will take time. Not only that but what if something happens to your car during that time? When you deal with Cash for Trucks we give you what your car is worth in cash.

    You can use that money for whatever you want: a down payment on a newer car, rent or bills, travel expenses, tuition, etc. Whatever you need it for, wouldn’t you prefer to have the money now instead of in a few weeks?


    No Endless Line of Strangers (or Lack of Buyers)

    When you advertise your car you might end up dealing with a few unsavory types. There’s really no way around it- advertising to the public draws all kinds. On the flip side your advertisements, free or paid, might not attract a single buyer for months. While you’re waiting to sell your car’s mileage goes up, if you have to drive it. Higher mileage means you might have to lower your sale price.

    With us, you get a quote in minutes and cash within just a few days. What’s more? You only have to deal with professionals that will treat you with respect. We calculate a fair offer on every car considering it’s age, condition, and mileage. You can always decline and try to sell it yourself after you get a quote, so why not call us and see what we’re willing to offer? It might be more than you think.


    Free Towing

    If your car doesn’t start or has a flat (or four) we will pay to have it towed away once you accept our offer. The cost of towing will not be deducted from your payment. It really is towed at our expense. To maximize your payment, choose a company that offers free towing.

    We know that having a broken down car can be a real hassle and deciding whether or not it’s worth fixing can be a tough call. That’s why we offer free towing- to make your decision easier.


    We Come to You – Wherever You Live

    There’s no worrying about driving or hauling your vehicle to a dealer or lot, we come to you. When you call for a quote we can set up an appointment at your convenience. Your vehicle can be located anywhere in the United States- we’ll be there.


    Broken, Damaged, Won’t Start? We’ll Still Make an Offer

    That’s right. Your vehicle can be broken beyond repair and we’ll still make you the best offer we can. It doesn’t have to start or even roll. We respect honesty. When you call us for a quote make sure to give us the best description of your vehicles state that you can so your quote will be as accurate as possible. Then, when we show up, we’ll verify the description, take care of the paperwork, pay you, and haul away the vehicle at our expense.

    Here for You When You Can’t Afford to Wait

    If you can’t afford to wait and see if a buyer finds you, give us a call (800) 528-0014. We can get you paid in just a few days. All the proper paperwork will be filed in compliance with all state and federal regulations. No time to call? You can use the convenient form on our website, too. Either way, we will get back to you as soon as possible, 7 days a week 8:30 AM to 8 PM.